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AW: Meta-analysis with Nonmem

From: Garmann, Dirk <Dirk.Garmann>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 12:13:43 +0100

Dear Guangli,
You can use normal distribution as an assumption and simulate N individua=
ls with one observation per individual based on the given N, mean and SD.=
 Then, the values calculated based on simulated data should be similar to=
 the used literature data. The combined dataset based on different studie=
s (with N, mean, SD) should reflect the "real" situation.
You can use this dataset to develop a base PK/PD model
However, any covariate relationship will not be considered

I full agree with Nick to use the parameter itself instead of CFB. If you=
 have different studies, some with CFB, some with Baseline and the parame=
ter itself, a solution might be to use CFB and consider baseline as a cov=

Best regards

Dirk Garmann, PhD
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Von: Guangli Ma [mailto:guangli.pmx
Gesendet: Thursday, March 04, 2010 3:18 AM
An: Garmann, Dirk
Cc: nmusers
Betreff: Re: [NMusers] Meta-analysis with Nonmem

Dear Dirk,

    I haven't fully understood your idea. Mean value, SD, and N can be co=
llected from literature. But if we don't have a model, how can we simulat=
e one individual with many observations?
    I met a problem and haven't got a solution. I chose change from basel=
ine as endpoint. But some literatures didn't provide CFB. The CFB and SD =
of CFB calculated from mean value and SD are different from the values ca=
lculated from individual data. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated=
. Thanks.

Best regards,

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