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Update 4.10 to PDx-Pop for NONMEM 7 now available

From: Bachman, William <William.Bachman>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 14:51:59 -0500

Several new features have been added to PDx-Pop 4 in the new updated
version, PDx-Pop 4.10:


1. A "Post-Processing" option button was added to add NONMEM runs not
necessarily run within PDx-Pop to the Output Panel run-time log. This
option runs the parameter and summary programs to add an entry for the
run to the run-time log and creates a summary file if sufficient
information is in the NONMEM result file. This option requires a NONMEM
result file with a ".res" extension, the run data file, and a table file
with the ".tab" extension to be placed in the current project directory.
Pressing the "Post-Processing" button on the PDx-Pop Output tab allows
selection of a result file from within the project directory from a
browser window and initiates the post process. Once an entry occurs in
the run-time log for the post-processed run, any of the PDx-Pop output
features can be applied to the run (diagnostic plots, etc.) assuming
that any additional table file required by the specific output features
are also present in the current project directory.


2. Added "Refresh Log" button to the Output Panel. Occasionally (and
unpredictably) the run-time log on the PDx-Pop Output tab either adds
double entries or is entirely blank. The work-around has been to change
to another project and then change back to the original project and the
run-time log corrects itself. A "Refresh Log" button was added to the
Output tab that rereads and redisplaya the run-time log without having
to change project directories.


3. Extended the capabilities of the Model/Run tab "View Run-Time Plot"
feature by allowing selection of the parameter to be plotted (instead of
just the objective function). After the "View Run-Time Plot" button is
pushed and the runno.ext file is created by the run, an additional
window is displayed with a drop-down selection box for selecting the
parameter is available. Select the parameter and then press the
"Proceed" button on the window to begin plotting.


 4. Created an alternative set of perl executable parameter and summary
extraction programs that the user can implement that creates a summary
file that contains the results for all of the estimation methods used in
an individual run (instead of just the last method). Implementation is
by renaming the current param.exe and summary.exe to param.last.exe and
summary.last.exe, respectively. The new programs, param.mult.exe and
summary.mult.exe, are then copied to the PDx-Pop installation directory
and renamed to param.exe and summary.exe, respectively. The process can
be reversed at any time by simply reversing the program file renaming

5. A new "Additional/Users Script" named "sp-plots.R" that creates
spaghetti plots from the file of the DV versus TIME for all
individuals and the DV versus TAD for all individuals (if TAD is found
in the .tab file). You can run the script by highlighting the desired
run on the Output tab, checking the "Add'l/Users Scripts (S-Plus/R)"
option and the clicking the "View Output" button. (The S-Plus version
is named "sp-plots.ssc".) Note that there is a "timeunits" variable
near the top of the script currently defined as "(hours)" that can
manually be edited if the units are not hours and you can also manually
edit the script to modify the y axis label.


See the ReleaseNotes.pdf document found at for additional


PDx-Pop 4.10 bug fixes:


1. Fixed bug in summary.exe program where %RSE and confidence intervals
were not calculated for unsuccessfully terminated runs with $COV


2. Fixed bug in the PDx-Pop control files wizards that gave a switched
variance identifier ([p]/[a]) for the additive and proportional
components of the additive plus proportional error model that could have
resulted in calculation errors for the residual variance related to
standard errors.


3. Fixed bug in PDx-Pop that failed to check and correct the run names
for files with the .par, .eta, and .ext extensions with runs with Check
Run Numbers checked.


4. Fixed bug in the param.exe program that limited the number of etas
extracted from the .res file to 15 or less.


Updating PDx-Pop 4.0 to PDx-Pop 4.10:


1. Copy to a backup folder any of the files with identical names in your
PDx-Pop installation directory (if you installed PDx-Pop to the default
directory, the directory is c:\pdxpop4) as those found in the ftp folder
2. Download all the files found at to your PDx-Pop 4
installation directory.
3. Start the program and you are now ready to use PDx-Pop 4.10.
William J. Bachman, Ph.D.
Director, Pharmacometrics R&D
Icon Development Solutions
6031 University Blvd., Suite 300
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Office 215-616-8699
Cell 301-467-8635

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