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NM-TRAN syntax highlighing editor

From: Steve Olson <steve.olson>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 17:25:29 -0700

Notepad++ now supports a syntax highlighter and auto-complete/help file API=
 for NM-TRAN.

NM-TRAN language files found here:

For those that aren't familiar with Notepad++, it is a very powerful, optio=
n rich, open source text editor for Windows up to and through Windows 7 (al=
though user forum comments suggest Windows 7 to be a bit unstable yet). Not=
epad++ is reported to work well on UNIX/LINUX systems via WINE. It was the=
 February 2010 Project of the Month and enjoys a very active user community=

After installing Notepad++ and the NM-TRAN user defined language files, edi=
ting control files is facilitated with an NM-TRAN specific color scheme, au=
to-close parentheses, and a reserved variable and $ selection menu. NONMEM=
 User Guide help for all $ routines together with their options is availabl=
e. Reserved names are being added as time permits. The list is invoked with=
 'CRTL-space'. Adding a '?' at the end of any listed variable (no space) wi=
ll pop open the relevant help file in a Notepad++ 'calltip' box.

While not intended to be another NONMEM shell, Notepad++ provides command e=
xecution (e.g., nmfe) from the editor. Combining this with simultaneous mul=
tiple tabbed or tiled files, one can quickly edit and run a control file an=
d view the automatically updated output without leaving the editor. This ma=
kes for quick debugging. The editor is a nice replacement for default edito=
rs that are currently supplied with some NONMEM shells.


Stephen C. Olson
Clinical Pharmacology Reources
734 268 6867<>

Received on Mon Mar 15 2010 - 20:25:29 EDT

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