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Senior Pharmacokineticist Position with PPD

From: Prapoch Watanalumlerd <Prapoch.Watanalumlerd>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 18:01:13 -0400

Dear Colleagues, PPD is looking to recruit a candidate for Se=
nior Pharmacokineticist position with NONMEM experience for our Richmo=
nd, Virginia office. For more information, please visit career section=
 of PPD website ( <> ). =

ics Clinical Pharmacology PPD =

gory Biostatistics =

ia-Richmond Description =

e design, analysis and interpretation of pharmacokinetic, bioavailabil=
ity, bioequivalence and pharmacodynamic clinical trials. He/she will p=
repare and oversee the generation of final reports (provided to sponso=
rs for submission to FDA). The Pharmacokinet=
ics Department provides the clinical PK support necessary to elucidate=
 the pharmacokinetics and PK/PD relationships in support of our client=
's new and generic drug development efforts. The Senior Pharmacokineti=
cist position provides both PK consultation and pharmacokinetic analys=
es. In addition to managing his or her own projects, the Senior Pharma=
cokineticist will work with our pharmacokinetics team to assist our cl=
ients in the design, analysis, and interpretation of PK, PK/PD and pop=
ulation PK studies. This position requires experi=
ence in clinical pharmacokinetic research in a CRO or a pharmaceutical=
 company. The individual filling the position is required to be flexib=
le and extremely adaptive as part of the responsibilities. The positio=
n requires one to identify priorities and shift resources to complete =
initial projects needing immediate attention. The individual must also=
 be able to work effectively on several projects simultaneously. The s=
tudies must be conducted according to FDA guidelines, to insure accept=
ance by FDA. Qualifications =

 with an emphasis on clinical pharmacokinetics * 3+ years in the =
Pharmaceutical, CRO industry or other relevant experience * =
Experience in management of pharmacokinetic programs with a proven rec=
ord of accomplishment * Experience with medical, pharmaceutical, =
metabolism and clinical research concepts * Or equivalent co=
mbination of educations, training and experience that proved the indiv=
idual with the required knowledge, skills, and abilities =

DA pharmacokinetic/bioavailability/bioequivalence criteria * =
Strong theoretical background in Pharmacokinetics with experience in P=
K/PD * Able to apply PK theory using SAS programming, WinNOnlin, =

rganizational, communication, and problem-solving skills are required =

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Received on Tue Mar 23 2010 - 18:01:13 EDT

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