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Six Reasons to Attend PaSiPhIC at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA

From: Cirincione, Brenda <Brenda.Cirincione>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 15:22:02 -0700

6) 78 high and 51 low, with no chance of rain. These are the average
temperatures in San Luis Obispo on June 14th - June 16th.

5) The accommodations - Rates at our partner hotels for $70 to $130 per
night (
oly%2Eedu%2Fareainfo%2Ehtml&urlhash=q6_s> )

4) The banquet (included with registration) - Great networking for all

3) The program - We are quite proud of our speakers. Check it out (
oly%2Eedu%2Fprogram%2Ehtml&urlhash=SGUL> )

2) Registration fee (including banquet, lunches, and breakfasts) of

1) The Mission - Isn't time we started bridging gaps

Register Today (
oly%2Eedu%2Fregistration%2Ehtml&urlhash=3sl0> )

For Monday night (June 14th), no activities are planned. We've reserved
a room at Mother's Tavern and some of us will be eating there. Come join

PaSiPhIC (Pacific Coast Statisticians and Pharmacometricians Innovation
Conference) - Narrowing the distribution between stochastic scientists
by bringing Statisticians and Pharmacometricians together

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