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RE: New Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology Journal, Invitation for Applications: Editor-in-Chief

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Subject: [NMusers] New Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology Journal,
Invitation for Applications: Editor-in-Chief


Invitation for Applications: Editor-in-Chief

NEW JOURNAL, CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology


The American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT)
announces its search for the Editor of its new online-only, Open Access
journal, CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology (CPT:PSP), to be
launched in mid-2012 with Nature Publishing Group as Publisher.
CPT:PSP, the second journal in a family of journals sponsored by ASCPT,
capitalizes on and extends the strengths of the parent journal, Clinical
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CPT), which emphasizes the clinical
aspects of the pharmacological sciences including clinical trials, and
drug disposition, response and safety.


ASCPT has created a Steering and Editor Search Committee to review
applications, which will be due by January 31, 2012. Interviews will be
held in late February 2012, and shortly thereafter, the successful
candidate will embark on developing the editorial team, refining the
Aims and Scope of CPT:PSP and creating the prototype table of contents
for the new journal, in collaboration with the Society and the


The Editor will work with the Society and the Publisher on strategic
planning for CPT:PSP, and will be responsible for the editorial content
of the journal, including subject matter, types of articles and actual
content of articles that are published in the journal. He or she will
contribute to the peer-review of submitted and commissioned content and
will act as an ambassador for the new journal by reaching out to
potential authors and reviewers and by promoting submission of relevant
papers. In addition, the Editor will collaborate effectively with the
editorial leadership of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. The broad
scope of the new journal will include coverage of pharmacometrics,
modeling and simulation as applied to the design and evaluation of
clinical trials, systems pharmacology modeling, particularly with a
mechanistic link to human physiology, disease modeling, "population" or
mixed-effects pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics modeling,
model-based meta-analyses of clinical trials,
pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling, computational pharmacology,
model-based comparative efficacy, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.


The successful candidate will be a well-published scientist with
considerable relevant research experience. An earned doctorate degree is
required. The successful candidate must have intellectual vision, bold
scientific judgment, and be recognized as a leader in the discipline.


CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology will be a collaborative
endeavor that will provide a unique international forum for scientists
in the pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology space.



Applicants should provide a statement of why they are interested in this
position, along with three letters of recommendation from knowledgeable
colleagues, a current CV, including evidence of fulfillment of the
following criteria:


1. Academic and Publishing records

Evidence of strong academic achievement and a robust list of
publications in relevant fields.


2. Editorial Experience

Experience as an Editor, Associate Editor, or Editorial Board Member of
one or more scientific journals in related fields.


3. Content and Format Development

Personal statement (vision) on developing the journal's content, through
the editorial structure and process, outreach to authors, and strategic
development of the journal, including the Open Access business model.




Applications should be submitted to:

            Peter Honig, MD, MPH

            Chair, Steering and Search Committee

            American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

528 North Washington Street

            Alexandria, VA 22314



Interested candidates may contact Sharon Swan, CEO, at sharon
or Elise Laffman-Johnson, Managing Editor & Director of Publications, at


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