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Re: Guidelines for a fresh modeller

From: Decker, Brian Scott <bsdecker>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 18:38:39 +0000

I would also be interested in this. Thank-you.
Brian Decker MD, PharmD

Elisabet Størset <elisabet.storset

Dear NONMEMusers

I am working with my very first pop-PK model with NONMEM and have no experi=
ence. I have read a lot of theory but lack experience of actually using non=
mem. I see the OFV and estimates, but have trouble knowing how to interpret=
 the results and the graphs, and how to improve the structural model before=
 incorporate covariates. When I have nothing to compare with, it is difficu=
lt to know if I have found the right structural model and whether my result=
s are actually good or bad. I also wonder what kind of plots in the plot ju=
ngle which you experience modelers find most useful to look at when trying =
to improve a model, and how you know which starting estimates to choose.

Maybe any of you remember how it was to be a fresh modeller, and remember w=
hat you did to get your first experience. I could use a good, pedagogical, =
stepwise guide on modelling, with some illustrative examples and excercises=
 to practice with before starting on my own dataset. Do any of you know if =
this is available?

Thanks in advance :)

Received on Thu Nov 24 2011 - 13:38:39 EST

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