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RE: modeling of total concentration of two drugs with different kinetics in NONMEM

From: Denney, William S. <William.S.Denney>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 15:29:57 +0000

Hi Yaming,

This simplifies things significantly. The first dose will (hopefully fully) define the PK of drug 1. The dose of drug 2 will be modeled as the sum of the two.

Since you have only drug 1 at the beginning, you should be able to model the full time course with:

F=A(2)/V2 + A(3)/V3

Then for the first few days, A(3)/V3 (concentration of drug 2) will be zero.



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Subject: RE: [NMusers] modeling of total concentration of two drugs with different kinetics in NONMEM

Hi Retsilisitsoe,

The two drugs are given at different time (a few days apart). The first drug is a maintenance drug without dosing history, but subjects are assumed to wash out the drug sufficiently. In period 1, subjects were given a single IV infusion of first drug, a few days later, subjects were given the second drug (IV infusion again), where the first drug is not necessarily completely cleared.


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Subject: Re: [NMusers] modeling of total concentration of two drugs with different kinetics in NONMEM

Dear Yaming
I have two questions.
1.Were the drugs given at the same time as a fixed dose combination?
2. Do you have PK when the drugs are give separately?
>>> Yaming Hang <Yaming.Hang m<mailto:Yaming.Hang
Dear All,

I’m trying to model in NONMEM the kinetics of two drug entities co-existing in the blood. Since the assay cannot differentiate these two entities, I only have the total concentration of these two in the blood. Does anyone has similar experience? Can you please share the NONMEM code?


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