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From: Ayyappa Chaturvedula <chaturvedula_a>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 15:43:21 -0400

Dear Group,

I am probably revisiting this issue.

I am working on a study where the blood samples are collected at steady-sta=
te. Subjects are samples for pre-dose blood sample and 4-6 samples after c=
linic observed doses (typical way). The prior-dose to the clinic visit was=
 not recorded. I would like to use the A_0 option to estimate the initial =
central compartment amount as a parameter along with BSV. I set SS=2 =
at the dosing event so that the compartment amounts not to be reset to zero=
 but that the compartment amounts are to be set to the sum of the stead=
y-state amounts resulting from the given dose plus whatever those amounts =
 would have been at the event time were the steady-state dose not given. =
Can somebody explain how NONMEM actually calculates the A_0 of a compartmen=
t when SS=2 or SS=3 given and also comment on the information does that=
 parameter give more than the trough concentration measured at the clinical=


Received on Tue Mar 27 2012 - 15:43:21 EDT

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