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RE: SPAM: Interactive Control of NONMEM runs

From: Fidler,Matt,FORT WORTH,R&D <Matt.Fidler>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 10:25:45 -0500

I believe Perl Speaks NONMEM runs

-> Perl which calls
   -> NONMEM

Therefore, I think all the control-codes from the console are sent to the P=
erl process, not the NONMEM process. Currently, the work-around is to run =
NONMEM directly.

However, it is theoretically possible to look at the execute code and add a=
 patch that monitors key behaviors(via Perl's ReadKey) http://search.cpan.o=
rg/dist/TermReadKey/ You just need to figure out what the contro=
l characters are:


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Subject: SPAM: [NMusers] Interactive Control of NONMEM runs

Hello everyone,
In the NONMEM 7.2 guide, I found this interesting section:
> I.11 Interactive Control of a NONMEM batch Program
> A NONMEM run can now be controlled to some extent from the console by
> issuing certain
> control characters.
> Console iteration printing on/off during any Estimation analysis
> (ctrl-J from console NONMEM,
> Iterations button from PDx-POP).
> Exit analysis at any time, which completes its output, and goes on to
> next mode or estimation
> method (ctrl-K from console, or Next button in PDx-POP).
> Exit program gracefully at any time (ctrl-E or Stop button).
> Monitor the progress of each individual during an estimation by
> toggling ctrl-T. Wait 15
> seconds or more to observe a subject's ID, and individual objective
> function value. It is also
> good to test that the problem did not hang if a console output had not
> been observed for a long
> while.

It seems like there is a feature to interact with a NONMEM run and
interrupt it but still get the results in a neat way, which would be
very useful, especially with long runs.

I've tried using CTRL+K, but I had no luck. I am using the execute
script of Perl Speaks NONMEM to run my models, so maybe console commands
(except CTRL+C) get filtered away. Any experience from anybody in the
group? Is this feature working when running NONMEM directly, without a
wrapper like PSN? Any workaround?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Paolo Denti, PhD
Junior Lecturer
Division of Clinical Pharmacology
Department of Medicine
University of Cape Town

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email: paolo.denti

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Thank you.
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