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Clinical Pharmacology positions at Pfizer in Cambridge (MA)

From: Nucci, Gianluca <Gianluca.Nucci>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 22:45:30 +0000

Be influential.

Our Clinical Pharmacology Leads have key roles to play in influencing the d=
iscovery and development of drugs. It is fascinating, vital work and you c=
ould be part of it. Pfizer is a leader in Model Based Drug Development, an=
d we are expanding its influence in target validation and selection. We ha=
ve new positions for talented individuals at our Cambridge, MA, USA labs.

Clinical Pharmacology Lead (grades from Manager to Director) at our CVMED o=
r Neuroscience Research Units in Cambridge, MA;

In this key role you will serve as the Clinical Pharmacology Lead on multid=
isciplinary development teams and provide clinical pharmacology expertise a=
nd leadership to a project. You will work closely with clinicians and stati=
sticians to create clinical development plans that include assessments of a=
 drug's efficacy, safety, and commercial viability. In collaboration with o=
ther quantitative clinical and nonclinical disciplines, the Clinical Pharma=
cology Lead will integrate PK-PD knowledge from preclinical experiments, cl=
inical results, and meta-analyses of the literature to inform target valida=
tion, human administration, and phase 2 study design and analysis.

In order to achieve these aims, candidates are responsible for the applicat=
ion and development of innovative analytical methods to integrate knowledge=
 of pharmacokinetics, biopharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, patient character=
istics and disease states to optimize doses, dosage regimens and study desi=
gns throughout clinical drug development (including FIH single/multiple dos=
es, proof of concept PK-PD, dose-ranging in patients, drug interactions, s=
pecial populations, food effects, etc.).

Clinical Pharmacology Leads routinely interact with internal leadership, re=
gulatory agencies, and external opinions leaders. We are expected to influ=
ence the internal and external environment by advancing quantitative and sy=
stems pharmacology and through presentations and publications.

The ideal candidates will be proficient communicators with a doctorate degr=
ee, strong quantitative skills (e.g. experience in mechanistic modeling/sys=
tems pharmacology, literature meta-analyses, population modeling, and clini=
cal trial simulations) and expertise in clinical pharmacology and/or pharma=
cometrics . We encourage applicants from different disciplines including cl=
inical pharmacology, engineering, biostatistics, medicine, biology, etc. C=
andidates with significant experience are sought as well as recent graduate=
s. In addition to professional challenge, we offer a culture that supports =
and encourages ideas, and recognizes individual contribution.

To apply please visit the careers pages on<
.com/> and enter the following job opening number:

For Clinical Pharmacology in CVMED job opening number: 971402
For Clinical Pharmacology in Neuroscience job opening number: 965962

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