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Dose-response-time modeling: PhD/Early Stage Research Studentship

From: Mats Jirstrand <mats.jirstrand>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 23:30:46 +0100

PhD/early stage research studentship available in a Marie Curie
EU-funded joint project by University of Warwick, AstraZeneca,
Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre for Industrial Mathematics, and
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences on Modelling Dose Response
Time Outcome Relationships.

Application deadline: 22nd February 2013

Start date: 1st June 2013

Duration: Three years

The project addresses the development and improvement of methodologies
for analyzing dose-response-time data when systemic (plasma) exposure is
sparse or lacking. Extending and applying tools and techniques from
systems and control theory and in particular nonlinear estimation such
as Kalman filtering will be central to developing methodology for this
situation. Dose-response-time data analysis (DRT) enables us to more
efficiently (quantitatively) analyze and draw conclusions about the
underlying rate processes where traditional single-point assessment or
area under the response-time curve approach generally fail. Hopefully,
this also allows a more robust design tool for future pharmacodynamic
experiments in both animals and man. The candidate student should have a
strong background (MSc or equivalent) in biological
engineering/numerical techniques/computing science/chemical engineering,
and life science courses. A track record in pharmacokinetics/dynamics
would also be beneficial.

(Closing date: Feb 22, 2013)

For further details and online application see

Questions can be directed to Mats Jirstrand (matsj
Johan Gabrielsson (johan.gabrielsson

Mats Jirstrand, PhD, Assoc Prof
Head of Department Systems and Data Analysis

Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre
for Industrial Mathematics Phone: +46-(0)31-7724250
Chalmers Science Park Fax: +46-(0)31-7724260
SE-412 88 Göteborg Email: matsj
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