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Final 3 NONMEM/PDxPoP Workshops Remaining in 2014 hosted by ICON Development Solutions.

From: Wilhelm, Lisa <Lisa.Wilhelm>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 20:08:00 +0000

Dear NMusers:

Registration is now open for the final 3 workshops being offered by ICON De=
velopment Solutions!!!

September 9,10 & 11, 2014 - Howard County, Maryland, USA

This is a 3 day workshop, first two days are beginner/intermediate workshop=
s, and the third day is for Monte Carlo Expectation/Maximization and full B=
ayesian analyses.

Please follow the links below to register:

Beginners/Intermediate - September 9 & 10

Advanced - September 11

October 1, 2 & 3 - San Francisco, California, USA

We are offering our 3-day NONMEM/PDxPoP workshop on the West Coast for the =
very first time!

As with the September workshop in Maryland, this too is a 3 day workshop. =
Days 1 & 2 are beginner/intermediate workshops, while day three is for Mont=
e Carlo Expectation/Maximization and full Bayesian analyses.

Please follow the links below to register:

Beginners/Intermediate - October 1 & 2

Advanced - October 3

ACoP 2014
ICON will be presenting a 1 day workshop at the ACoP conference on October =
12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Workshop attendees will be instructed how to specify gradient precision for=
 the improved FOCE algorithm, how to use Monte Carlo importance sampling, s=
tochastic approximation E-M methods, and full Bayesian methods. Parallel co=
mputing and dynamic memory allocation for efficient memory usage will also =
be described as well as new features of NONMEM 7.3. The features of PDx-POP=
 5.1, the graphical interface for NONMEM 7, will also be demonstrated.

ACoP Workshop - October 12, 2014

Should you have any questions regarding these workshops please feel free to=
 reach out to me.

Kind regards,

Lisa R. Wilhelm
Customer Service Associate

Tel: 410-696-3060
Fax: 215-789-9549
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