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[NMusers] Advertissement the for nmusers: PhD position in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (UCL, London)

From: Musuamba Tshinanu, Flora <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 06:20:31 +0000

Extrapolation and bridging of efficacy in paediatric chronic and mixed pain=

PhD Position in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
University College London

Neuropathic pain in children has been considered rare although in the most =
recent years the
prevalence seems increasing particularly in the contest of serious medical =
conditions. This research project deals with pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharm=
acokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PKPD) bridging and extrapolation concepts.

Gabapentin in paediatric pain (GAPP) is an FP7 consortium aimed at the eval=
uation of chronic pain in children. The ultimate goal of this research is t=
o define the dosing recommendation for patients aged between 3 months to <=
18 years based on modelling and simulation techniques.

Data analysis will include the evaluation of the pharmacokinetics and pharm=
acodynamics (clinical response) to treatment with morphine, tramadol and ga=
bapentin. Pharmacokinetic modelling will be performed to characterise drug =
exposure using sparse PK sampling from adolescents and children. A populati=
on approach will be used to describe response to treatment with gabapentin =
as well as the reduction in morphine intake required to achieve analgesia.

The successful candidate will also be involved in the optimisation of clini=
cal trial protocols in paediatric pain research. In addition, given the na=
ture of the project, your responsibilities will include active interaction =
with consortium partners and regulatory agencies. You will also be responsi=
ble for effective project management, ensuring that milestones and delivera=
bles of the consortium are met.

Previous experience or training in clinical pharmacology and affinity with =
bioanalytical techniques, statistical methods (PKPD modelling), including b=
asic knowledge of computer programming (R language) are essential. Basic Go=
od Clinical Practice (GCP) training and good communication skills in writte=
n and spoken English are required for this position.

Details on how to apply can be found at:
For further information regarding the project and background, contact Prof =
O Della Pasqua (<>).

Received on Tue Aug 11 2015 - 02:20:31 EDT

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