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[NMusers] ASCO and pharmacometrics

From: Naoto Hayashi <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2016 10:38:22 +0900

Dear all,

I have a question and appreciate it if somebody can answer to me.

We had submitted an abstract to ASCO annual meeting presentation 2016, and
its contents included a pharmacometrics work of quantitative safety profile
analysis of an anticancer drug. The behave of the safety index time
courses is very unique and its results showed a very high usefulness of
this drug. The abstract also included the table of population PK/PD
parameters that expressed its nature, and it was compared with the similar
older drug safety profile and demonstrated very high safer profile

I have some experiences to publish some articles of population PK/PD work
in several clinical pharmacology journals in the past, and I was so
confident for just a poster presentation in ASCO. However, the judgment
was “publication only”, i.e. just presentation in online bu=
t no poster
presentation and no official record of publication officially.

So, my question is whether pharmacometrics work is difficult to be picked
up in ASCO presentation. Or, was my work evaluated to have no worth to be
presented even in poster session because the pharmacometrics works
presented in ASCO are having very high level?

I have never visited ASCO before, and I just want to hear opinions about
how much of importance is considered for pharmacometrics work in ASCO.

Thanks a lot in advance for your comments/thoughts.

Best regards,

Naoto Hayashi

Received on Tue Apr 05 2016 - 21:38:22 EDT

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