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[NMusers] New Release : PDx-Pop 5.2 !!!

From: Das, Indrajit <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2016 16:39:43 +0000

Dear NONMEM and PDx-Pop users,

As some of you are already aware of, PDx-Pop, a graphical user interface de=
veloped by ICON for the NONMEM software, has been with us for the last thir=
teen years. It has helped many NONMEM modelers with running NONMEM in an or=
ganized and efficient way and to visualize the resulting output. A new rel=
ease of PDx-Pop 5.2 developed by ICON is now available. Here is a short de=
scription of the new features, bug fixes, and improvements for the new vers=

New Product Features from Version 5.1 to 5.2

The following changes have been made to Pdx-Pop5.2, since version 5.1:

* User control of Look and File - Users may now define the font siz=
e and color palette of the PDx-Pop user interface to accommodate a variety =
of color tastes, screen sizes, screen aspect ratios, and eyesight ability.

* The summary (*.sum) file producer, summary.exe or summary.p, has =
the ability to interpret short hand inputs for $THETA, $OMEGA, and $SIGMA (=
such as (0.5 FIXED)x4, VALUES(0.1,0), etc) that were introduced in NONMEM 7=

* The control stream file wizards have been greatly enhanced. Both=
 the PK Model wizard (for ADVAN 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12) and the User Mo=
del wizard (for setting up differential equations ADVAN 6, 8, 9, 13, or mul=
ti-compartment linear models ADVAN 5, 7) have been enhanced to allow the ad=
dition of classical as well as advanced methods of analysis, and addition o=
f prior information.

* The Model/Run tab has enhanced checkboxes for NONMEM command line=
 options, such as -tprdefault -xmloff, -maxlim=1,2,3 modes, or for choosi=
ng specific LIM numbers. The -parafile option has been improved upon, allow=
ing the user to select from a general parafiles directory rather than from =
a project directory, as the selection of a parafile is based on environment=
, not on project.

* Because new command line options for future versions of NONMEM ca=
nnot be anticipated at this moment, and there may be user-defined options, =
such as [nodes]=4, etc., there is now also an "Additional Command Line Op=
tions" text box on the Model/Run allowing free-form entry of additional com=
mand line options.

* The run-time control buttons STOP, NEXT, and ITERATIONS have been=
 improved, so that they may act also in multiple simultaneous jobs conditio=
ns, so that the signals are sent to all processes, and the STOP action will=
 cause all processes to terminate gracefully, and not load the next job on =
the list, if there are any.

* The job control in the Evaluations tab has been enhanced to match=
 those of the Model/Run tab, in that command line options, parallelization =
options, and run-time control buttons (STOP, NEXT, ITERATIONS) have been ad=

* Several of the Evaluation methods have been parallelized: Initial=
 Parameters Test, Leverage Analysis test, Multiple MCMC Chains parallelizat=
ion have been enhanced while WAM analysis method, and the Bootstrap analysi=
s have been parallelized.

* The Bootstrap Analysis method has been greatly enhanced to allow =
the more flexible NONMEM bootstrap algorithm to be used, which allows creat=
ing separate bootstrap runs on multiple CPUs to be simultaneously executed,=
 with different initial seeds, and all results then compiled to a single bo=
ot-runno.prt file, and then submitted for analysis by R/S-Plus scripts. Fur=
thermore, NONMEM bootstrap allows use of stratification information. The B=
ootstrap tools and scripts have been enhanced to handle occasional failed e=

* The general file browser/text editor can be immediately accessed =
from anywhere in PDx-Pop by pressing Ctl-T, allowing a user to inspect any =
file, by default from the present project directory, but can be maneuvered =
to other directories.

* The Visual Predictive Check algorithms have been enhanced. In add=
ition to the classic Predictive Check script (predcheck), there are now als=
o available Standardized Visual Predictive Check (svpc), sand Prediction Co=
rrected Predictive Check with confidence intervals (civpc).

* The OFV profiling algorithm is also now able to handle failed est=

Bug fixes from PDx-Pop 5.1:

The following bugs from PDx-Pop 5.1 have been fixed:

* The bootloop.exe and files supplied with PDx-Pop 5.1 =
caused an error when the bootstrap evaluation results were displayed in R a=
nd S-Plus.
* On some Windows 7 platforms and higher, the .prf extension is sec=
urity protected. This prevents the Bootstrap and OFV Profiling algorithms =
from working properly in these environments, as these components create and=
 use files with .prf extension for listing results.
* For version of R higher than 2.15, the standard deviation assessm=
ent code in chainplot.R no longer works and a new code line needed to be up=
* In some Linux versions (especially Ubuntu) of PDx-Pop 5.1, R coul=
d not be loaded. The issue has been fixed in PDx-Pop 5.2.

If you have any questions about the new version, please do let me know or, =
if you want to try it out, please email<mailto:idss=> or call +1-301-944-6810. Happy modeling!

With sincere regards,

Indrajit Das
Scientist 1
Pharmacometrics, R&D

Tel: +1-215-583-2872
Web:<> <br /><br /> ICON plc mad=
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