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[NMusers] Simultaneous pk model of 2 drugs

From: Penland, Chris <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2016 17:22:32 +0000

Greetings NMusers,

Does nonmem have the capacity, unbeknownst to me, for modeling two simultan=
eous drugs?

I would like some suggestions about how to define the dataset and model for=
 a subcutaneous drug and oral drug being administered on different schedule=
s. I would use DVID = 1 and 2 for the two plasma pk observations. I figu=
re this soft of thing had to be dealt with in the past when trying to model=
 dynamic DDIs (vs, just taking one of the drugs as a covariate on the other=
's parameters).

One approach is to specify the compartments for each to be dosed into then =
have those feed the central, but I'm curious to see if there is something m=
ore subtle in the nonmem syntax. Is there something about EVID, that I don'=
t know that would help (beyond EVID=1 for dosing)

What if you had two oral drugs? Would you treat the two dosing compartments=
 as separate and possibly link them together at the parameter/covariance le=


Chris Penland, PhD
ECD / Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology
Waltham, MA USA


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