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[NMusers] YOUR opportunity to boost transparency in science: 1 article published = 1 model code shared !!!

From: Céline Sarr <>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 14:09:25 +0100

Dear modelers,

Did you know that when starting a new project, you may find a useful model
in the DDMoRe Model Repository (

The DDMoRe Model Repository is an open, publicly-available, free-to-use
searchable platform. Thus, you can download any model from the repository,
execute it with your own data and kick-off your project.

   *You may wonder how this is possible? *

 Because some dedicated scientists have donated their time to share model
codes (as of today 120 models) with associated simulated datasets so that
the whole pharmacometric community can benefit from them.

                                             *The DDMoRe repository
community group, composed of volunteers, wants this effort to continue !!*

   1. We are willing to help anybody who chooses to share model code of a
   recent article. For that we need simply the paper, the final model code,
   the final model output (typically .lst for NM, for another language we m=
   require more files but it is possible) and a dummy/simulated dataset. Th=
   may take 30 min of your time to send that out to us !!!! Please email me=
   you are interested in contributing, and a volunteer of the DDMoRe Model
   Repository community group will follow-up with you if you would like to =
   the upload yourself or she/he should do it for you.

   1. One member of the DDMoRe repository community group, may contact
   (contacted) you if you published recently and if your model has been
   selected as useful for the community. She/he will ask you to send us a
   dummy/simulated dataset, the final model code, and the final model code
   output (in any modelling language, for another language than NM we may
   require more files). We hope you can take max 30 min of your time to ans=
   this email, to find the model code and its output, and transform your
   dataset in excel so the DV columns is dummy (if you have more time you c=
   also simulate the DV based on the model). Then a volunteer will follow-u=
   with you if you would like to do the upload yourself or she/he should do=
   for you.

Thank you in advance for helping the community and essentially the new
generation of modelers !!

The DDMoRe repository community group (would like to join? See )


Celine Sarr, Ph.D.


Pharmetheus AB

+49(0)16 29 06 2775

+46(0)18 513 328

U-A Science Park, Dag Hammarskjölds v. 52b

752 37 Uppsala, Sweden

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individual or entity to which it is directed. It may contain information
that is privileged and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you
are not the intended recipient please notify us immediately. Please do not
copy it or disclose its contents to any other person*

Received on Fri Dec 01 2017 - 08:09:25 EST

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