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The Third Workshop on Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modeling using NONMEM® for Beginners - 2017

From: Max Taubert <max.taubert>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 09:46:45 +0000

The University Hospital of Cologne

The Third Workshop on Non-Linear Mixed Effects Modeling using NONMEM fo=
r Beginners - 2017

We are delighted to announce our 3-day Third Workshop to Non-Linear Mixe=
d Effects Modeling using NONMEM for Beginners - 2017. This workshop a=
ims to introduce the basic concepts and principles of non-linear mixed effe=
cts modeling using NONMEM and other assisting software suites (e.g. PsN, Xp=
ose & Pirana). As part of the workshop, hands-on sessions and case studies =
will be offered to familiarize the participants with the workflow and techn=
icalities associated with population modeling such as data management, mode=
l coding, and interpretation of the results.

Target Audience: Pharmacometric analysis is progressively becoming an indis=
pensable tool in drug development and clinical care. The course is intended=
 for participants with limited or basic knowledge of PK/PD modeling who wis=
h to use this tool for informing and rationalizing decisions by introducing=
 them to some of the state-of-art tools in pharmacometrics.

Location: The University Hospital of Cologne, Center of Pharmacology, Colog=
ne, Germany.

Date: 30th June to 2nd July, 2017 (just after the 14th European ISSX meetin=
g, 26th to 29th June, 2017,see for details)

Instructors: The course will be organized by the Clinical Pharmacology Unit=
 in the University Hospital of Cologne, and tutored by young dynamic tutors=
 (actual and former members of the team) who have demonstrated their solid =
experience and profound knowledge by numerous publications in international=
 journals and conferences. Through multiple research projects, they have us=
ed modeling and simulation to address different questions relevant to drug =
development and to the clinic. Examples of their work included analyzing da=
ta from different sources (preclinical, phases-I, -II & -III studies), of d=
ifferent nature (continuous, categorical and time-to-event), and for differ=
ent purposes (physiologically-based pharmacokinetics, mechanism-based pharm=
acodynamics, and survival).

Language: English

Workshop Outline:

  * Introduction to (non-)linear regression modeling: basic statistical p=
rinciples, least squares and maximum likelihood fitting, fixed and random =
effects, first order (conditional) estimation.
  * Introduction to population pharmacokinetic modeling: introduction to =
NONMEM files (control stream and data file), structural model development, =
random effects modeling.
  * Model evaluation: introduction to supporting software tools (e.g. R, =
Xpose, PsN), goodness-of-fit plots, residual diagnostics, bootstrapping ana=
lysis, simulation based diagnostics (e.g. visual predictive checks).
  * Covariate model building
  * Introduction to modeling pharmacodynamics: different pharmacodynamic =
models, linking pharmacokinetics to pharmacodynamics

Computers will not be provided and therefore we kindly ask you to bring you=
r own laptops with you and we will provide the necessary software on USB st=

Workshop Fees:

  * 1200 for participants from industry and commercial enterprises
  * 600 for academics and participants from non-profit organization=
  * 300 for students in MSc or PhD programs.

For registration: please send an e-mail to max.taubert
and instructions for payment will follow as soon as a sufficient number of =
participants is reached. Please DO NOT make any travel arrangements before =
we send you back a confirmation.

Quoting some of the feedback from previous workshops:
Instructors were experienced and well-informed. They were also patient w=
ith questions
What I really liked about this workshop was the hands-on sessions
Material was excellent, and the tutors made an excellent introduction to=

Max Taubert

Department I of Pharmacology

Center for Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology Unit

University Hospital Cologne

Gleueler Str. 24, 50931 Kln, Germany

phone +49 221 478-86716

fax +49 221 478-7011

e-mail max.taubert

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