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18th Annual Scientific Meeting PAGANZ 2017 Feb 6th - 8th Adelaide Australia - Registration closing 23rd January

From: David Foster <David.Foster>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 01:42:41 +0000

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the next PAGANZ scientific meeting to be held in=
 Adelaide, Australia, 6th to 8th February 2017. Registration closes 23rd =

Please visit the PAGANZ home page for details and links to registration for=
 the meeting:<>

Who should attend?

The PAGANZ meeting is the Australasian forum for scientists with a research=
 and professional interest in the use of the population approach in pharmac=
okinetics and pharmacodynamics. A strong focus of this meeting is the appli=
cation of population modelling and simulation techniques in the experimenta=
l, clinical and regulatory settings of drug development.

This meeting is designed for scientists and clinicians working in basic or =
clinical pharmacology research, pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies =
and postgraduate students. The meeting combines hands on workshops led by l=
eaders in the field and a one and half day scientific meeting giving resear=
chers the opportunity to present and discuss their own work. This is a very=
 informal meeting and in the past has been very productive in helping and g=
uiding researchers in this important area of pharmacology and drug developm=

Population Analysis Workshops (1.5 days)

PAGANZ runs 2 workshops (Beginners & Intermediate). The workshops consist o=
f lectures and hands-on exercises at a computer. During the hands-on exerci=
ses, tutors will be available for consultation and assistance.

The Beginners Workshop introduces the theory and application of NONMEM.

The Intermediate Workshop will cover:

1. Shiny apps in R for simulation (1/2 day)
2. Ordinary differential equations in R / PKADVAN package-analytical soluti=
ons in R (1/2 day)
3. Multi-state receptor theory and "biased" ligands (1/2 day).

PAGANZ Scientific Meeting (1.5 days)

The PAGANZ meeting includes a variety of free communications that highlight=
 recent advances in the theory and application of the population approach t=
o pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in different clinical settings and =
in drug development.

Each year PAGANZ invites an international renowned speaker to give the ISOP=
 lecture. This year the ISOP lecture "PK/PD Modeling and Simulation to Stre=
amline Drug Development on Earth and in Space" will be given by Prof. Hart=
mut Derendorf, Department of Pharmaceutics at the University of Florida Col=
lege of Pharmacy.

We look forward to seeing you in February!


David Foster

On Behalf of the PAGANZ Organising Committee

David Foster

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacokinetics | P4-08 | Playford Building
School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences | Australian Centre for Pharmacomet=
rics | Sansom Institute for Health Research

University of South Australia | CEA-19, GPO Box 2471 | Adelaide, SA, 50=

P: +61 8 8302 2055 | F: +61 8 8302 2389 | E: david.foster.

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