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[NMusers] RE: Problem with fpi in NONMEM 7.3

From: Bauer, Robert <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2018 16:00:21 +0000

Generally, using MPI parallelization method is preferred. The FILE26 is on=
e of the internal buffer files used by default to save on memory usage. As=
 now-a-days computers have lots of memory, you can add the following option=
 switch to your command line (which works with nonmem 7.3 and above):


and this will request NMTRAN to size all internal memory so no buffer files=
 are needed. This should prevent the error you are seeing.

Nonetheless, the error should not have occurred even when using FPI, and su=
ggests that improper transfer of file buffer data between manager and worke=
rs is occurring. If you are able, please send me an example control stream=
 and data file, so I may determine if something needs to be corrected. Als=
o, please let me know what version of NONMEM you are using.

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Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2018 2:09 AM
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Subject: [NMusers] Problem with fpi in NONMEM 7.3

Dear NM users,

I've been encountering a problem when using NONMEM 7.3 and the file passing=
 interface for parallel computing.
The run I'm trying to get going consists of 5 problems within a single NONM=
EM run.
Here is a short extract of the script:

$PROBLEM Fit cohort 1
$INPUT ...
$ESTIMATION ... MSFO=run1.msf
$PROBLEM Post hoc predictions
$INPUT ...
$MSFI run1.msf
$PROBLEM Fit cohort 2
$INPUT ...
$ESTIMATION ... MSFO=run1.msf
$PROBLEM Post hoc predictions
$INPUT ...
$MSFI run1.msf
$PROBLEM Fit all data
$INPUT ...
$DATA data.csv IGNORE=_at_ REWIND

The script works perfectly fine without the parallel computing option. When=
 using the fpi I get the following error message:

At line 169 of file <unit = 26, file = ┬┤FILE26┬┤>
Fortran runtime error: End of File

The run consistently fails when initiating problem 5 (i.e. the initial OFV =
I've searched the NONMEM guides, and tried looking for some information onl=
ine on gfortran but I was not able to identify the problem.
Hopefully someone on this forum can shed some light on this behavior.

Warm regards,

Pieter Colin
Department of Anesthesiology
University Medical Center Groningen <br /><br /> ICON plc made the foll=
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