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Openings in Pharmacometrics, AI, statistical programming at Genentech

From: Jin Jin <jin.jin>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2019 09:15:11 -0700

Dear all,

*The Modeling and Simulation (M&S) group in Clinical Pharmacology
department at Genentech* is seeking multiple candidates with diverse
quantitative expertise and experience levels in pharmacometrics, artificial
intelligence/machine learning, and statistical programming:

The Ph.D. level scientist will be responsible for the development and
implementation of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) strategy, in order to
ensure that the right drug is administered to the right patient at the
right dosing regimen. The M&S activities include population PK/PD models,
 disease models, statistical models, PBPK models, QSP models, clinical
trial simulations, literature meta-analysis, machine learning/deep
learning, and other state of the art quantitative techniques. These will be
accomplished by working in close partnership with other scientists in
Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Science, Biostatistics, Preclinical and
Translational PK, DMPK, Safety Assessment, Biomarker, Diagnostics,
Regulatory, RWD (Real World Data), and other functions on project
teams. *Qualified
candidate could be responsible to manage a group of employees via direct
and/or matrix management system, providing oversight of the strategy and
implementation of M&S by other scientists across projects.*
*Learn more and apply at this LINK

The Ph.D. level scientist should be driven to use artificial intelligence
(AI) approaches, including machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL)
methods to advance the clinical development of novel drug candidates.
Responsibilities include to apply ML, DL, and other state of art advanced
analytics skills, in the context of specific molecule or therapeutic area
needs to support clinical trials such as dosing, identification of patterns
in drug concentration and responses (biomarker, efficacy, safety),
analyzing data and infer model parameters, derive
biological/pharmacological insights, and the automation of these analytics
tasks, to enable PK/PD characterization, patient selection, biomarker and
diagnostic investigation,* in vitro *to clinical translation, and
combination therapy identification and optimization. Candidate is also
expected to maintain expertise and knowledge of technology trend and
artificial intelligence landscape in our industry, assess and identify new
opportunities for business objectives.
*Learn more and apply at this LINK

We are looking for candidate with rich experience in clinical programming
environment with an extensive record of on-the-job success. This B.S. or
M.S. level candidate will utilize a variety of analytic software such as
SAS or R to integrate PK drug concentration-time measures, pharmacodynamic
responses, and clinical safety and efficacy information for M&S analyses.
This individual will be accountable for activities including data
programming, effective resourcing, efficient operations, timely delivery,
quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. Additional responsibilities
will include set-up and maintenance of systems for programming, data
access, sharing, and storage. He/she will also take the initiative to
identify gaps and lead the development of standardization, process
optimization, and workflow automation. *Candidate may be responsible to
manage employees via direct and/or matrix management, providing oversight
of project deliverables as well as team and department initiatives. *
*Learn more and apply at this LINK

*The Vision of Clinical Pharmacology at Genentech is to provide
personalized patient-centric treatment to meet evolving healthcare needs of
tomorrow and beyond. We will fulfill this vision by: designing novel
clinical trials, replacing clinical trials by virtual modeling, and
pioneering analytics at point-of-care.*

*MEET US to learn more about Genentech, our works and exciting
opportunities at coming conferences - PAGE in Stockholm, Sweden and ACoP in
Orlando, FL, USA.*

*Jin Yan Jin, Ph.D.*
*Director and Principal Scientist*
*Global Head of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) *
* and Ophthalmology Clin Pharm Group Leader*

*Clinical PharmacologyGenentech, Inc*

*Address: Mail Stop 463A, **1 DNA Way, S**outh San **Francisco**, CA 94080*
*Office: 650-467-2198; Mobile: 650-745-6253; Email: **jin.jin

*Admin: Nicole Haddad <haddad.nicole
*>, **Ching-Wei (Alyssa) Tung <tung.chingwei

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