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[NMusers] Pharmacometrician Role at GSK

From: Chao Chen <>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 16:43:30 +0000

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has a two-year position for a highly motivated Pharma=
cometrician to join our global department of Clinical Pharmacology Modellin=
g & Simulation. This is an excellent opportunity to apply pharmacometrics t=
o accelerating the delivery of new medicines to patients by enhancing drug =
program efficiency and business decision quality.
The main project will be applying Item Response Theory to rating scales in =
neurodegenerative diseases. Embedded in an organization where we develop th=
erapies of various modalities for a broad range of indications at stages fr=
om pre-clinical to post-approval development, you will have tremendous oppo=
rtunities for broad exposure to drug discovery and development.
* Plan, conduct and report item response modelling, disease progressi=
on modelling, simulation-based trial design and exposure-response analysis =
to maximise data use, trial efficiency and analysis power
* Contribute to clinical trial design, and discuss modelling strategy=
 and outcome to project teams and governance boards
* Promote model-informed drug discovery and development through inter=
nal/external collaboration, journal publication and conference presentation
* Advanced training in pharmacometrics or statistics, and experience =
in using modelling/simulation to solve practical problems in industry or ac=
* Familiarity with item response theory, longitudinal disease modelli=
ng and model-based meta-analysis; proficiency with software NONMEM, MONOLIX=
, R and SAS
* Aptitude for productive collaboration in a multi-discipline team, e=
ffective communication and taking personal accountability for timely result=
Working in a department of diverse expertise and on multi-discipline teams,=
 you will enjoy a highly supportive environment for innovation, influence a=
nd growth. The ideal primary work location will be in London (UK) or Philad=
elphia (USA) area, though there is flexibility for the right candidate. Int=
erested persons are encouraged to apply online here<https://careers.peoplec=
Chao Chen
Clinical Pharmacology Modelling & Simulation, GSK R&D

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priate confidentiality controls and in accordance with local laws and after=
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