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Free Webinar: "Plug&Play" Pharmacometric Computational Environment

From: Henning Schmidt <>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2020 15:20:22 +0200

*“IQdesktop, a Qualified Virtual Modeling and Simulation Environmen=

*Thursday, June 11th, 2020 4pm to 5pm CEST*

Register for free at:

Reproducibility is a cornerstone of QSP and pharmacometric analyses. These
analyses rely on an array of tools such as R (with packages), NONMEM,
gfortran, PsN and on a given operating system (OS). Over time these tools
and the OS are updated for compatibility reasons, bug fixing and
introducing new features. Some of these updates can however alter the
results or even break the code of previous analyses, and as such
reproducibility fades over time. Changes in tools’ version can also=
 be a
challenge for reproducibility across different computing environments.

IQdesktop ( is a freely available
pharmacometric computational environment which comes fully qualified and
pre-installed with most pharmacometric and QSP tools such as MONOLIX,
NONMEM, PsN, xpose, R and a CRAN snapshot (some tools require their own
private licenses). Each IQdesktop image version contains a unique snapshot
of the OS and tools’ version. IQdesktop relies on the latest virtua=
and containerization techniques, allowing to easily install, scale and
deploy different versions of the images on any host computer system.

This webinar will address the following points:

- Introduction to the concept of computational reproducibility

- Introduction to containerization and IQdesktop

- Live Demo of IQdesktop

- Installation walkthrough

- Q&A session

Best wishes,

Henning Schmidt

On behalf of the IntiQuan team

IntiQuan GmbH
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4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 76 603 28 06

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